About Me

At the age of 7, I realized that I love everything about the performing arts. I started with performance lessons which included singing, acting and getting me comfortable being on stage. People always ask me if I am nervous to be on stage. I really am not because I have been performing since I was young. I enjoy taking on roles that challenge me. While I have an upbeat and positive personality, I embrace roles that are a departure from my natural qualities.  

While maintaining a 4.0 GPA and keeping up with my voice, dance and acting lessons, I love to hang with my friends, water ski, sail, swim, tube, rock climb, roller blade, scooter, and record original compositions. I often find myself in my recording studio where I create songs, jingles and musical shorts using Garage Band or Logic Pro with my Yamaha keyboard. I find it so challenging and rewarding to perform all vocals and create my musical accompaniment for my recordings. 


Q & A

Q: What is your favorite Broadway production?

A:  Phantom of the Opera. The music is so incredibly haunting and the storyline just amazes me!



Q: Who is your favorite singer?

A: That’s a tough question. I have so many favorites because they all have something unique in how they sing or perform. Some of my favorites are: Sarah Bareilles, Kristen Chenoweth, Elton John, and Freddie Mercury.



Q:  Ice cream or chocolate cake?

A:  Chocolate cake! 



Q:  What are some of your favorite roles or performances that you have done?

A:  Home for the Holidays with TheatreZone,  Fairy Godmother in Descendants and Dorothy in Wizard of Oz. 

One of her passions is charitable projects.

One of my  passions is charitable projects.  In 2018, my first charity album raised more than $13,000  and was donated to local charities.  I  proudly released my second charity album, “Gratitude” with the same intentions. I  recorded both albums with the specific intent that 100% of the money raised went directly to my  three chosen charities.  I was able to raise and donate over $25,000 through these two projects by singing at events, restaurants, personal gatherings and even knocking on doors.  I plan to continue to use music as my tool to raise money for the charitable causes that are near and dear to my heart.